17 concepts for males Brief hairstyles which can be absolutely the development
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17 concepts for males Brief hairstyles which can be absolutely the development

The gentlemen love short hairstyles – a simple styling as possible can emphasize your male character. This type of hairstyle is trendy every year – stylish and practical! But do not think that men’s short hairstyles are boring. There are different shapes and ideas on how your hair can look spectacular. Take a look at our modern examples and try an interesting variant. We show you the top short men’s hairstyles that are trend for 2016.

The absolute trend of men’s short hairstyles

Men's Short Hairstyles High Forehead

The men’s short hairstyles are absolutely trendy again this year. But there is something special. The professional hair trimmer recommend shaving the hair on the sides to a maximum of 4 millimeters and let the upper hair area with about 2 cm longer. In order for the hairstyle to be really stylish, the transition between the sides and the upper part must be cut with gradient. Trend hairstyles can be checked with wet gel.

The side parting for perfect business style

Men's short hairstyles side vertex

The side parting shows an Italian elegance. Imagine the hairstyle with a three-day beard – that looks really serious. But it is very important that this trend hairstyle on average fits perfectly with the head shape. So that you fascinate with your hairstyle all day long, do not forget the strong fixation. To your liking choose from glossy or dull styling.

A wet look looks suitable for everyday use and well-groomed

Men's Short Hairstyles Beach Style

If you are a sporty type, the short hairstyle is just for you! But that does not mean you do not have to take care of them. We are sure that you prefer the trendy “out-of-the-bed” short hairstyle. The fashionable base is the same here – the upper hair area is longer. You can check your hairstyle with a little hair foam or gel up or forward. The wet look is also a trend in the men’s short hairstyles 2016. Back to the stern and you look like a super star!

The gel does not have to be fixed yet, so you can individually check the hairstyle

Men's Short Hairstyles Wet Look

And something for those who prefer classic hairstyle

Men's Short Hairstyles Summer Hairstyle

Men's Short Hairstyles Trend 2016

Men's Short Hairstyles Absolute Trend

Men's short hairstyles design

Men's Short Hair Hair Gel

Men's Short Hairstyles High Forehead

Men's Short Hairstyles Ideas

Men's Short Hairstyles Trend

Men's short hairstyles idea

Men's short hair bald

Men's short hairstyles design idea

Men's Short Hairstyles Fashion

Men's short hairstyles summer

Men's Short Hairstyles Stylish

Men's Short Hairstyles Trend

men's short hairstyles hair-trend

Men's Short Hairstyles Wet Style

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