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17 Concepts for Halloween Hairstyles with Pony – DIY


Pony hairstyles are very popular not only with women but with men as well. Nearly one in four people in the world has chosen this style of hairstyle, both for long hair and for short-haired cuts. Today we present you with 17 ideas for hairstyles with bangs that fit your costume. We add a variety of photos that show all tendencies. Get inspired and spend a great party as a Halloween star.

Halloween ideas for long hair with bangs

Hairstyles with bangs among the famous

Before addressing the main topic, let’s take a look at the Pony Club from the celebrities. The hairstyles with bangs are highly prized among the main characters on the red carpet. The love for the pony arises from the need for a change. The pony is the easiest way to feel as a new person.

Pony club among the famous

In this photo you can see different hairstyles of three world-famous women with long, short and bob hairs. The pony goes well with all three ladies, although there are many differences between face shape, hair length and hair color. You can also be convinced that the pony, both the red carpet, and kasual, corresponds.

Does my hairstyle with a pony match my Halloween look?

Hairstyles with bangs in Halloween still

So, now is the time to look at new interesting ideas for his costume , his hairstyle, nails – So the whole look, think. We have written some articles about this topic. Here we wanted to inspire you to make yourself a beautiful, striking unique hairstyle yourself. First, however, you should gather ideas as to whether you want to disguise yourself as a famous person or as an animal. If you have a clear idea, you can too the selection of costumes continue. If you’ve done it all, you can over matching hairstyle ideas think.

Sloping pony is in for Halloween

This slanted pony is a great addition to the Halloween hairstyle with two pigtails. What do you need to style your hair like that?

  • Comb
  • lacquer
  • rubber band
  • and of course a bit of dexterity

Step 1:

Comb and separate the hair into two: left and right side.

Step 2:

Divide the hair from the left side into three identical tufts. Now you’re done and you can start braiding. In the end, tie it with one of the rubber bands.

Step 3:

The same is for the right side of the hair.

Step 4:

Comb your pony sideways and inject your hairstyle with the hair lacquer. And so you have one of the best hairstyles with pony for Halloween.

Pony hair for Halloween

Here’s an example of how much a pony fits this “horror” nurse look. Hairdress your hair as in the photo after reading the following steps.


  • tongs
  • gloves
  • Comb
  • lacquer
  • rubber band
  • and of course a bit of dexterity

Step 1:

Comb and divide the hair in two: left and right side.

Step 2:

Turn on your curling iron and wait until it gets hot. Then put on the gloves.

Step 3:

The hair from the left divide into small tufts and lure each tuft for 1/2 minutes. In the end, tie her up with one of the rubber bands.

Step 4:

The same is for the right side of the hair. Comb your pony and inject your hairstyle with the hair lacquer.

Men’s hairstyles in pony style for Halloween

Men hairstyles long for Halloween

This section of the article shows the trend in men’s hairstyles for Halloween. The men prefer the look as Joker and Zombie. The longer hair in men is a real opportunity that solves the problem with need for wigs. Only you should have the following materials and take the following steps into account.

Joker style

  • Comb
  • Hair lacquer with color
  • hair cream

Step 1:

Comb and anoint your hair with the hair cream so that they form several separate tufts.

Step 2:

Spray the hair with the green hair lacquer.

So, now you have a hairstyle that suits the Joker costume perfectly.

Hipster hairstyle for Halloween

After reading everything, we can conclude with this question:

Are you a member of the Pony Club?

If not, then take this step. There comes the time for change in appearance. Whether with long, short upper bob hair, the pony is always a good idea. We hope that we have inspired you.

We wish you a nice and horrible Halloween party!

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