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15+ concepts for an distinctive entrance space

So beautiful, so modern, so creative … These could be the only words that all guests say when entering your home. You might ask, “How do I do that?” The answer is simple – build a chair wardrobe yourself. Make this eye-catcher that leaves all eyes on you! This modern decoration peps up your apartment in a particularly stylish way. Do not throw away the old chairs from your apartment, it would be better if you make use of them. Follow our Art Mantra ” Chic instead of chaos “To give your entrance area a generous appearance. In this article, we’ll bring you a useful clothes hook for clothes and accessories in a few steps.

An entrance area that makes all hearts beat faster

An entrance area that makes all hearts beat faster

Why should you choose a chair wardrobe from all other wardrobe ideas? On the one hand, such a wardrobe can create a serene mood. On the other hand, this is a functional device that appears in an extraordinary look instead of the dull look of a simple clothes hook. We show you a detailed guide that is quite suitable for every home improvement. This decoration will bring your hall to life. So every day you feel like running straight home to enjoy your unique hallway decoration.

Necessary equipment

Design entrance area

To ensure the smooth flow of building your chair wardrobe, you should provide the necessary equipment. Below you can read our detailed lists of materials and tools.


  • 2 wooden chairs
  • 1 fir sawn
  • 8 wood screws – 4 x 50 mm
  • 4 dowels – 8 mm
  • 6 screws for attachment to the wall

Other materials:

  • pencil
  • measuring line
  • white chalk


  • Cordless saw or cordless circular saw
  • Abrasive roller or sanding paper

Do you have the stuff in the lists? If so, roll up your sleeves and follow our “step by step” instructions for a chair wardrobe that will give your narrow hallway the finishing touch.

Step 1: Preparation work

Ideas for wall design corridor

Before you start cutting and screwing, you should choose the right wall area in the hallway. Important in this phase of the process is to measure the thickness of the wall, because there is a possibility to appear the purchased dowels and screws at the back of the wall. This result will certainly not bring you any pleasure. If you know the right thickness of the wall, you can buy the matching dowels and screws from the hardware store.

Step 2: Mark cutting area

Design the entrance area - build a chair wardrobe yourself

Start with the first chair. Mark the cut edges with the help of the pencil and the measuring line on the seat surface of the chair. Make sure that the depth of the new wardrobe on the wall is not too big or too small. It is important that the remains of the seat are big enough to be used as a shelf for your accessories and bags.

Step 3: Cutting

An exceptional hallway decoration

Divide the chair with the cordless saw according to the marking. To make a precise cut, place the saw on one of the outer edges and saw through. Our recommendation is that you ask a friend for help. Group work is always funnier than being alone.

Step 4: Smoothing

Many great wardrobe ideas

Now the cut looks very rough. Either with the help of the sanding paper or with the sanding roller, the cut is smoothed.

Step 5: Attachment

Wardrobes Ideas for imitation

So, now you can fix the slat with the help of screws and dowels to the wall. Then place the chair on the fixed batten and fasten it to the wooden panels using the screws so that the chair hangs stably against the wall.

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Congratulations! You have designed your narrow hallway with a state-of-the-art chair-wardrobe, so that it attracts the attention of your guests. To complete the grand finale, complement the generous appearance of the entrance area with contrasting ones Wall paint , Carpet and decoration , You can collect many ideas from our website and photo galleries and decorate your hallway to taste. Other wardrobe ideas are shown in the photo gallery below. Let your imagination run free and design the entrance area of ​​your dreams!

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