14 unique concepts for do-it-yourself cake muffins
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14 unique concepts for do-it-yourself cake muffins

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Pies are an integral part of almost every celebration. They make for a happy atmosphere and have been made especially creative. Therefore, you need the appropriate frame so that they are not just laid on the table. You do not always have to spend a lot of money on cake storage. You can also design these yourself in an exciting way! We have selected some useful tips and tricks for you. Have fun!

Making cake cakes is easy and exciting
pie storage colorful

Cake store failed

cake store simple

Cake store creative

Cake rack simply

The homemade cake stock is made really easily and quickly. In addition, there are numerous options and designs that you could apply. All you need for design is some vintage materials or existing items to make a beautiful cake stand yourself. We provide you with some suggestions and we hope that you would be fascinated!

Pie storage as an ornament for the table Cake rack full

cake storage interesting

sweetcorn sweet

Cake rack pink

Cake rack yellow

pie storage colorful

Cake rack blue

Tortenetagere are especially good as an ornament for all tables. As already mentioned, you do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money on a new cake stand. For this light activity, you simply need a few plates, glue and some candle holders. The order and decoration of the cake depends on your own taste.

Make your own cake in easy steps Cake store made by yourself

Cake rack white

Cake store creative

Cake store failed

Cake rack nice

Cake store made by yourself

Cake store made by yourself

Cake storage diy

First of all, you need three plates of different sizes and hot glue. Then follow lamp base, pillar candle or something sturdy to carry the weight of the tarts and cakes. For this purpose, you must use the three pillar candlesticks. For example, the decorative rustic metal could turn into a shiny base , Creativity and patience are an integral part of the preparation. Do not forget the stability of the base, so that the plate with the cake on it could easily be put on it. Rinse and let the plates dry. Then arrange them according to size. Use sandpaper to roughen the center of the plate. Add a little glue. Then check the stability by inverting the shelf. This homemade cake storage should not be put in the washing machine. The last step refers to the decoration. You can decorate the plate corners with small details like faux pearls or crystals decorate but these should of course be fixed well with Klebber. There is a lot more you could add to this and get a fancy cake tray as an end effect!


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