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12 the explanation why a freight forwarder is sensible

Moving with freight forwarding advantages

Eleven percent of the German population moves every year. That’s almost nine million households. Measuring, packing, dismantling furniture … there is a lot to do and a lot to keep in mind. If you can not count on the help of a professional moving company, you have a lot of organization and effort. But stress was yesterday. With the right tips, good planning and the hard-working help of a forwarding company, you can sit back and relax your nerves. After extensive research, we have put together all the important tips that you need for a stress-free move. We accompany you when moving into your new home and show you the easiest and most comfortable way! The move has never been so relaxed. See for yourself!

Moving by freight carrier or organize yourself – decision support

Moving by freight carrier or organize yourself - decision support

When the Germans have to move, it is often called “Do it yourself”. The motive is clear: save money. However, as a survey has shown, the majority of German households complain about the high costs associated with the move. Unfortunately, the bill often does not work out. The result: Back pain, many nerves thrown away and the account is empty despite its own initiative. When moving, many rely on their own contribution. With a few friends and a hired van, the furniture and all the boxes can be easily brought from the old to the new home. But this is not enough work. The furniture must be reinstalled, the boxes with various items to be cleared and sorted. The move is not for everyone and needs to be planned thoroughly. If you want to save the stress, should rely on the removal service professional forwarders. Regardless of whether a private move or forwarding move takes place, thorough and timely planning not only saves time but also money. As soon as the lease is signed for your new home and it is canceled for your old home, you usually have three months left. Use this time – the sooner the planning starts, the better! Immediately after the termination of the lease, you can start looking for the right removal company. Before you make use of a removal service, ask yourself whether the offer also promises the desired benefits. To clarify this is clearly more important than the question of the price. Note that the removal company meets the common quality standards.

What does a removal service offer and why is a forwarding company useful?

What does a removal service offer and why is a forwarding company useful?

What does a removal service offer and why is a forwarding company useful?

A move by forwarding can be described with 5 words only – sit back and let work! A removal service can cover the entire move. The commissioned company arrives with a whole team of qualified partners: drivers, packers, craftsmen. They not only take over the transport and the unpacking, but dismantle the furniture, unscrew the electrical installations and do the same in the new home – unpacking, building, screwing. They are just spectators enjoying their new home. Such a full-service move is not cheap and depends on the size of the apartment and the size of the moving goods. Important to say is that you can deduct the move for tax purposes. Regardless of the size of the apartment, the hourly wage for packing and unpacking, according to information from the Association of Freight Forwarders, is between 24 and 36 euros per hour. But of course there is an alternative – if you want to save on the move, on the other hand, a partial move in question. No matter which type of removal service you choose, one thing is clear: a relocation service offers many benefits! Here you can see all in an overview:

  • In the case of a full-service move, the freight forwarder takes care of small-scale inventory and, if desired, can arrange it again as in the old home.
  • The hanging of curtains and lamps and the connections of the electrical appliances are also done by the shipping company.
  • The removal company is liable for damages during the move.
  • A quote is always free. Be informed, the cheapest offer may not be the best!
  • You can choose and adapt additional services yourself.
  • Fast process of moving
  • Moving without effort

Whether you decide to move home or move by freight forwarding, you should plan all the details carefully. So that you do not stand between the old and the new luck and spare the relocation chaos, we recommend that you create a relocation checklist. Make a note of all the things you should think about and when to do the most important things in the move. In addition, you can create a “contact list”. Please note the contact details of all companies, organizations and people you need to contact during the move. Here find a reliable partner and an answer to all relocation questions.

Moving by freight forwarding advantages

What does a relaxing move mean? You do not have to worry about anything until the move

Checklist for stress-free relocation

Checklist for stress-free relocation

We hope that our tips have made your move easier and more convenient! Once all the formalities have been completed, the boxes have been emptied and the new apartment has been set up, our tip: Take a day off to just relax and enjoy wonderful moments with the family!

Moving checklist

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