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12 Suggestions for cooking eggs – How one can make excellent Easter eggs

Eggs cooking for Easter

A basic rule on how to prepare well for Easter does not exist – buy, cook and dye. If you have already taken the first step, we come to a boil. How long should you cook the eggs to keep them hard? This is very important for Easter and not always so easy. We will bring you closer to the world and tell you the secret of how to make the perfect Easter eggs. The eggs should be understood! Take a look at how this works.

How long should you cook eggs?

How long eggs cook

At Easter, we often choose eggs of turkey, ostrich, duck, but most of chicken. Where the eggs come from, there is no liability for the cooking time. It is between 3 and 15 minutes and depends on how you want the eggs – hard or soft. Easter eggs should be cooked hard so they last longer. Only the ostrich eggs are an exception and take a little longer time. The cooking time begins when the water boils up bubbly, and is about six to eight minutes for eggs of size “M”. We show you with pictures how the eggs should look like according to the cooking time:

Eggs cook recipes for how long

For a perfect, colorful Easter egg pleasure, there are some techniques that you should use. From eggs that are simply dipped in a pot of hot water, you will not get any nice Easter eggs, which are beautifully colored. The reason: they will break like that. How to avoid this inconvenience during Easter holidays, you will understand from our cooking instructions.

Cooking eggs Technique and instructions – What is the secret?

Cook eggs hard

Step 1: Cover the eggs in a pot of cold water only then heat

Cook eggs instructions

Step 2: While the eggs are cooking, they should be completely covered with water.

Cook eggs instructions

The secret: After the 5 minutes cooking time on the stove in the water with residual heat for 1 minute to rest

Cook eggs instructions

When the eggs are done, dip them in ice water

Cook eggs instructions

Tip: The white eggs are best for dyeing, as the color comes out nicely. Now go and be beautiful Color eggs !

Have fun coloring eggs!

Cooking eggs cooking eggs

Cook eggs in egg cooker

How do I make hard-boiled eggs?

How do I make hard-boiled eggs?

Our team wishes you happy Easter!

Eggs are cooking for Easter

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