100 ideas for affordable Christmas objects made your self
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100 ideas for affordable Christmas objects made your self

Christmas gifts homemade - gift ideas

Another month until the 1st Advent and it comes back to the cozy Christmas season! This is the time when you give joy to your loving family and put something small as a gift in Santa’s boots or put it under the Christmas tree. What should I give for Christmas? Make or buy a Christmas present yourself? Such thoughts turn in circles when Christmas knocks on the door. If you are a DIY type or just looking for cheap Christmas gifts, you are in the right place! We have collected for you the best 100 ideas for “Christmas presents made yourself”.

Why make Christmas gifts yourself?

Christmas gifts ideas

Take a look at the picture above. Chocolate brownie with mint in a glass, wine bottle with photos. Only things that do not suit everyone. Why are they given then? A Christmas present should be personalized! Only by heart are Christmas gifts made by yourself and only then will you be more enjoyable. We have good news for you – making Christmas is not difficult at all and is fun and, in most cases, cheaper than strolling around the shops. And that’s not all – you still have plenty of time until Christmas to help you personalize your Christmas gift and find the best DIY tutorials. Get creative ideas from our DIY ideas!

A personalized Christmas present – that’s definitely a bottle of wine!

Christmas presents made by yourself - decorate the wine bottle yourself

Buying the right wine for a person is not just a question of good taste, but also a sign that you really know that person well. In addition to the choice of wine is also the decoration of the wine bottle. Here comes your DIY knowledge and creative ideas or our helpful guide.

Make personal gifts: DIY Instructions for bottle of wine decorate with your own photos

Christmas gifts made by yourself - wine bottle decorating yourself DIY instructions

Christmas gifts homemade – Personalized coffee cups

DIY gifts - craft a personalized copper cup

Not only the bottles can personalize, but also the cups. Imagine – you really like these modern coffee cups in copper color, but remember, everyone gives cups for Christmas. Turn your Christmas gift into a unique piece of art by writing something personal on the cups with a felt-tip pen. What comes to your head when you hear felt. Surely that’s what we think!

Also plastic cups can be decorated – crafts with felt!

Christmas presents homemade - decorate plastic cups

Make Christmas decorations - decorate cups

Whether for Platstikbecher, as in the picture above, for to wrap gifts or Make Christmas cards , the Tinker with felt is great fun and perfect for crafting with children, including toddlers.

For Christmas, give light – make DIY candles yourself

Make Christmas presents yourself - DIY candles

Making a candle yourself does not mean that you should make the candle yourself. Decorate a candle with cinnamon stick, a red ribbon or just a fabric with Christmas motives. Everything is allowed and creativity knows no bounds!

Give a necklace in a nutshell – is that possible?

Gift ideas Christmas ideas

Give flowers for Christmas?

Christmas gifts made - DIY Christmas

Why not, when they are decorated in a home-made vase with Christmas motifs, be given? Color a glass in the typical Christmas colors and paint a Christmas theme using a template.

Gifts from the kitchen – in the glass is always delicious!

Christmas gifts homemade - gifts from the kitchen

Or why not in Christmas balls? Hot chocolate is a good idea for Christmas tree decorations!

Christmas gifts homemade - gifts from the kitchen

Also for the dog there is a delicious Christmas present!

Christmas crafts - gift for the dog

For each of the family there is a delicious gift from the kitchen to taste!

Gifts from the kitchen - Hot chocolate in a glass

Not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom you will find a wonderful Christmas present – make bath balls yourself

Christmas presents made by yourself - make bath balls yourself

Make a cuddly dressing gown yourself

Make gifts yourself for the children

A classic Christmas present – give away socks, but this time made by yourself!

Christmas gifts homemade - personal gifts

Let the Christmas shine! Tinker with glitter Christmas decorations

Decorate yourself - decorate Christmas with glitter

Glitter goes perfectly with a New Year gift

Gift for stars - tinker with glitter

Many DIY ideas on how to make Christmas presents yourself can be found in our gallery!

Make DIY gifts yourself - decorate glass

Christmas gift ideas to make yourself

Christmas gifts homemade - personal gifts

Tinker Christmas presents - making candleholders

Christmas Gift Ideas DIY Instructions

Christmas presents homemade - Christmas present in the glass

Christmas presents homemade - Christmas present in the glass

Christmas gifts homemade - Personalized homemade Christmas gifts

Gifts from the kitchen to make yourself

Christmas present for friend who likes cooking

Christmas gifts homemade - personal gifts

Christmas gifts homemade - homemade Christmas gifts

Make Christmas - make your own decoration and give it away

Christmas crafts for the sweetheart

Christmas gift for Christmas tree - making Christmas tree decorations

Christmas gifts homemade - gift ideas Christmas

Make Christmas - make snow globes yourself

Make gift ideas for yourself

Make gifts for Christmas

Christmas gifts homemade - gifts from the kitchen

Christmas bauble ideas Christmas tree decorations

Christmas crafts with children Christmas crafts with children

Christmas presents made - make nail polish yourself

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