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Residence Workplace: 10 ideas for establishing motivation

Home Office: 10 tips for setting up motivation

“Order is half the life,” is a German saying. Those who spend half the time of their lives with work often miss home. That was yesterday! The home office is playing an increasingly important role in today’s workplace and many professions make it possible. Not without reason. It is about …

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Repaint partitions – ideas and 20 inventive concepts

Repaint walls - tips and 20 creative ideas

Who at the perfect home furnishings think, think of suitable furniture for every living space. Yes, it is true that the furniture could give the whole ambience an extravagant and stylish look. Housing is not limited to unique coffee tables, leather sofas, shelves or wardrobes, but calls for a great …

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Room setup with IKEA furnishings: the 50 finest concepts

Room setup with IKEA furniture: the 50 best ideas

Besta, Karlstad, or Billy. Surely you have heard them and no, they are not names or anything. These are the furniture of popular furniture manufacturer IKEA and are an indispensable part of most apartments in Germany. The Ikea furniture fascinates with simple elegance, clear white color and minimalistic effect. The …

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Stone Look Wall 20 Creative Concepts

Stone Look Wall 20 Inventive Ideas

A stone-look wall offers different stone solutions: a large amount of narrow parts together adds kneadable components without exception with the same level of sophistication. The components are laid side by side and give the impression of a uniform stone wall with sculpture. Stylish interior using stone optic wall A …

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Asian furnishings for efficient furnishings!

Asian furniture for effective furnishings!

Asia – a part of the world with very old traditions! Asian culture is another very different world. Who has not heard of sushi, geisha or Buddhist teachings? In addition to the special cultural features and the Far Eastern lifestyle, the Asian continent is also known for its lifestyle. If …

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